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Laboratory schools function in connection with colleges of education to immerse teacher candidates in real classrooms.  The lab school at UL Lafayette will create a space for teachers and administrators to try out new and innovative pedagogy, modeling a stance toward continuous and deliberate improvement of one’s own professional practice. The concept invites students, teachers, teacher candidates, researchers, UL faculty, and administrators to never stop learning, improving, and pushing our practice forward for the sake of student growth and fulfillment.

As a laboratory for educational innovation, it is our duty and privilege to share our learnings with other schools and educators.  As a part of our mission to advance educational equity and innovation to all Louisiana students, we are committed to forming and maintaining working relationships with area schools as we work together for the children of our shared community and state.



The programs offered at the UL Lafayette laboratory school are unique in the way we encourage teachers and students to investigate interest areas, learn to work and think collaboratively, practice empathy through communication and looking closely at real issues, and develop resilience and courage to act on problems.  Our school pulls from best practices around the world as we set out on an expedition toward innovation, altruism, and excellence for students.

A typical day in the life of a student will look and feel like a bustling idea factory, rich with real-life learning, opportunities to dig into topics of choice, workshop-style content investigations, and creativity as essential as literacy.

Conceptual ideas provided by University of Louisiana at Lafayette Architecture Students

Conceptual ideas provided by University of Louisiana at Lafayette Architecture Students



 The vision and mission of the UL Lafayette Laboratory School are intertwined with a solid focus on delivering and expanding exceptional educational opportunities.  While the vision looks inward at the teaching and learning within the school, the mission looks outward at our potential to impact positive changes to improve the educational experiences for all children of our area through teacher candidate development, in-service teacher professional learning opportunities, UL Lafayette faculty research, and collaborative efforts with local schools.

The vision for teaching and learning within our school is to create and sustain a culture of curiosity, creativity, and courage to use knowledge and skills to innovate for a better world.  We hope to help spread a common vision for teaching and learning through our mission to advance equity, innovation, and opportunity for all Louisiana teachers and students.

Conceptual ideas provided by University of Louisiana at Lafayette Architecture Students

Conceptual ideas provided by University of Louisiana at Lafayette Architecture Students




Learning extends far beyond the classroom walls, so the design of the UL Lafayette laboratory school will bring learning opportunities into every corner.  Natural light will touch every space and outdoor classrooms will invite learners outside for relaxed reading and writing, presentations to fellow learners, and developing a new appreciation for the natural world. 

With core spaces designed to maximize learning and creativity, the laboratory school is built for flexibility, personalized learning, teacher and student collaboration, and discovering that learning is everywhere.



With a mission that extends far beyond our physical school building, the UL Lafayette Laboratory School will be an inviting place for learning for everyone in the community.  After establishing a strong and cohesive school culture, we will begin to develop working relationships with schools in the community to gain insight into how our school and college of education may help them to meet their own identified problems of practice.  We will offer summer institutes for teacher-driven, student-focused learning centered on self-improvement to one’s professional practice.

In addition to collaborations with area schools, the lab school will also offer summer and after-school camps for community children with built-in scholarships for accessibility, access for UL Lafayette faculty research for improving education on a larger scale, and teacher candidate, master’s and doctoral degree candidate immersion in cutting edge educational practices.  These efforts extend the reach and impact of UL Lafayette’s College of Education to the larger regain and state, as well as potential national and global impact.

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